1. Mayu is made up of components similar to skin. Mayu means horse oil and has come to be highly - appreciated and recognized by both consumers and doctors
  2. The oil is extracted from a real horse, but they are not killed during the process
  3. Horse oil in cosmetics only uses the fat found in the horse’s neck under the mane. Because the oil is extracted carefully at a low temperature the natural composition of valuable ingredients remains quickly absorbed deep into the skin
  4. Mayu Cream is known to advance the circulation of blood and the metabolism, and is therefore effective for much more than just the surface of the skin.


  1. Extracted using vacuum absorption method with water and fermentation strain (bacillus, aspegillus)
  2. Ferment extracted oil is extracted at low temperature, and this makes preservation extraction possible without the destruction of ingredients
  3. Bioactive substance with low molecular weight is better absorbed into the human body 4. Extraction is made without damaging the overall component of animals.


  1. Improves skin moisturization, reduces wrinkles and whitens skin
  2. Improves complex skin troubles [dryness, wrinkles, acne, blemishes, scars, skin texture, pores]
  3. Harmony of moisture and oil /supply of lacking oil and moisture simultaneously
  4. Contains 2,800mg of 100% fermented horse oil from Jeju
  5. Fermented horse oil improves absorption and fermentation increases content of effective ingredients
  6. Skin moisture retention level increases and skin protective film is formed for long lasting softness
  7. Soft, smooth, and supple finish without dry sensation.

What is fermented horse oil?

  1. Horse oil is extracted from the herbivore horse, and it contains high levels of plant oils, namely unsaturated fatty acids, and also proteins and moisture, making its permeation into skin exceptional. Skin is moisturized continuously for lustrous look
  2. High content of vitamin E which helps skin recover from fine lines, making the oil itself a natural cosmetic product
  3. Due to the similarity of the ratios of unsaturated fatty acids content such as linoleic and linolenic acids, its high dermatotropic property makes it suitable for anyone. It is extremely quickly absorbed into skin, with outstanding permeability
  4. General oil permeates into 0.006mm depth of skin, while fermented horse oil reaches 15 times deeper into 1.00mm
  5. Highly concentrated unsaturated fatty acids in fermented horse oil, just like that of plant oils Saturated fatty acids of beef, pork, or sheep have nearly no effect as medicine, and in case of horses, about 60 – 65% consists of unsaturated fatty acids. 

Advantages of Fermented Oil 

  1. Due to the smaller molecular weight, small enough to be absorbed into skin, absorption is improved
  2. Nourishing ingredients are increased
  3. New substances great for skin are created. Microorganism metabolite (creation of amino acids, vitamins, various functional substances)
  4. Storage is simple and nourishing ingredients are not broken down
  5. Various toxins are neutralized through the preconditioning process, fermentation, making it free from side effects
  6. Skin absorption rate such as applicability, spreadability, adhesion, and absorption increase.

Effects of Fermented Horse Oil

  1. Skin protection – Thin oil film is uniformly created on skin to protect skin from the external environment
  2. Moisturization – Contains ingredients in skin’s barriers to improve moisturizing effects
  3. Prevention and relief of atopic dermatitis – Linolenic acid in natural oil is beneficial to those suffering from atopic dermatitis
  4. Non - irritative – Similar to human fat makes it mild even on sensitive skin – will not cause skin troubles or stimulation
  5. Maintenance of healthy skin – Quickly absorbed into skin to promote metabolism.


  1. Through supply of concentrated moisture, horse cream transforms rough skin into smooth and beautiful skin
  2. The 2,800mg of fermented horse oil from Jeju makes skin soft and invigorated, and thin moisture protective film keeps skin moisturized.


On the last stage of basic skin care, spread on skin and pat gently for absorption.


  1. Horse fat
  2. Niacinamide: A type of vitamin B3, niacinamide provides skin whitening and anti-inflammatory effects; it is certified by the KFDA as a whitening ingredient
  3. Adenosine: KFDA certified representative wrinkle reducing substance (wrinkle improving function confirmed through domestic clinical tests); consists of the safest wrinkle reducing formula (nearly no stimulation); a constituent developed within cells, it is safe during the day, and it is strong against contact with air
  4. Rice bran oil: Oil extracted from rice bran obtained at the rice mill is rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, linolenic acid, etc., and gamma orizanol in rice bran has exceptional antioxidant effects and relieves itchiness
  5. Coconut oil: With outstanding absorption rate, coconut oil supplies nutrients and moisture to prevent aging and diminish skin troubles caused by exposure to sunlight
  6. Jojoba seed oil: Similar to sebum and with exceptional moisturizing effect, it makes skin soft and resilient, and provides outstanding sebum secretion control and antibacterial effect
  7. Beta-glucan: A type of polysaccharides, it is an active ingredient which activates immune functions of cell tissues and activates immune cell functions
  8. Peony extract: Improves dry and rough skin and effectively treats acne skin
  9. Green tea extract: Contains high levels of vitamin A which makes skin cells healthy and lustrous, vitamin C which suppresses pigmentation of melanin to prevent freckle formation, and tocopherol which suppresses skin aging by preventing cell membrane oxidation. When applied on skin, it suppresses the proliferation of bacteria and polyphenol complex in green tea helps strong oxidation action to effectively treat pigmentation after skin troubles, and it also suppresses excessive sebum or sweat secretion. Also, bitter tasting ingredients provide astringent effects to tighten pores, making it a popular ingredient for cosmetic products.


  1. Close lid tightly after use
  2. Keep out of reach of children.

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