• SNP Lovely V - Line Patch

QUANTITY - 1 box contains 10 sheets


  1. SNP Lovely patch is a functional cosmetic that makes sagging skin into lovely and balanced skin line
  2. It will also return your confidence by making a disordered and unbalance line softly and smoothly.


  1. Functional V - Line patch of earring type that manages a sagging and drooping due to elasticity decline
  2. Makes elastic V - Line by managing disordered face line, provides a soft and smooth chin line by providing resilient tension on the skin by containing adenosine, anti - wrinkle ingredient and red ginseng extract.


  1. Face line lifting patch that is prone to untidy
  2. Enhancing moisture and elasticity
  3. Anti - wrinkle and functional patch
  4. Trace of years, disordered facial line
  5. V - Line corset that pulls sagging line and restores V - Line 
  6. Free paraben, free colour
  7. Equipped with DDS (Drug Delivery System) technology of patented hydrogel gel type can be used for 3 – 4 hours, increase absorption power of effective ingredients by minimizing the evaporation of contents. (Paten No. No.10 – 1004329)
  8. The flexibility is excellent as a combination of hydrogel and spandex. Enables to manage according to the body curve with strong adhesion
  9. Contains ADIPOSLIM and ADIPOLESS developed by SEPPIC company in France, makes a sleek body line by reducing cellulite and decomposing unwanted fat.


  1. Agar: Agar ingredient extracted from red algae contains plenty of mineral, magnesium, calcium and zinc, called as natural tonic, makes the skin smooth and radiant containing rich mineral, a moisturizing ingredient that is the unique character of marine algae makes the skin more moistly
  2. Caffeine: Caffeine - containing cosmetics has a report that it helps reduce cellulite, when applied caffine - containing cream to the patients with a lot of cellulite, 70% of patients has a result to reduce cellulite reducing effect (Cosmetics containing has been reported to reduce cellulite, when the products is applied to patients, the result was shown that 70% of patients experienced reduction of cellulite). Caffeine inhibits the accumulation of fat cells because of good penetration. Besides, it is effective in skin lifting and removing swelling
  3. Red Gomsemg Extract: Ginseng is rich in saponin ingredient and makes the skin beautiful, saponin activates skin cell and helps problematic skin by supplying intensive nourishment to the skin
  4. Jojoba seed oil: Jojoba seed oil is similar to the collagen tissue of human and has a good skin affinity, excellent in moisturizing effect and provides and healthy skin by promoting cell generation
  5. Portulaca Olacea extract: Effect for the dry prevention of the skin and excellent anti - inflammation and soothes skin irritation and allergic reaction, anti - bacterial action and excellent skin moisturizing
  6. Morus bark extract: Contains vitamin C, flavonoids and kojic acid as a mulberry root bark, provides clean and clear skin by inhibiting melanin pigmemtation, prevents the oxidation of moisture and protects the skin free rodical
  7. ADIPOSLIM: A raw material developed and finished a clinical test by the French company SEPPIC and certified from KAFD as well. As an active ingredient for eliminating reserved fat and lipolysis, helps the correction of cellulite
  8. Adenosine: Typical anti - wrinkle substance notified by KFDA (verified anti - wrinkle function with a domestic clinical trial result) the safest anti - wrinkle agent to skin (almost no irritations) as structural material made from cells, it is safe to use during the day and relatively strong in contact with air. 


  1. After cleansing, trim skin texture with a toner and remove the film of the mask
  2. Place the centre of the patch on the lower chin and hang the loop on the ear
  3. Remove the patch gently after about 3 – 4 hours so that the active ingredient of the patch is absorbed.

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SNP Lovely V - Line Patch

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