QUANTITY - 1 box contains 10 sheets 


  1. Sea bird nest extract which improves moisture holding capacity to make skin lustrous
  2. Normalizes skin turnover cycle for translucent and smooth skin
  3. Moisture intensive care mask sheet to provide tired skin vitality with elasticity
  4. Intensive moisture protect and soothes sensitive skin
  5. Moisturization, relief and normalization of turnover cycle
  6. Treat sensitive skin from external irritation, giving healthy care improvement
  7. Four - free system: Paraben, mineral oil, artificial colour, synthetic silicone
  8. Cellulose sheet provides perfect fit
  9. Natural ingredient with exceptional adhesive power makes it stay on skin for longer periods of time compared to other general felt sheet products; does not stimulate skin and has exceptional texture, making it possible to go about daily activities while wearing the sheet.


  1. Highly concentrated ampoule (25ml) contains edible - nest swiftlet nest extract (*1,000mg) for concentrated  moisturization and skin protection
  2. Increases moisture in skin and creates a moisturizing protective layer to keep skin soft
  3. Protects skin sensitive to external stimulation for healthy skin.


  1. Concentrated moisturizing mask pack invigorates fatigued skin
  2. It protects and relieves sensitive skin, and edible - nest swiftlet nest extract (1,000mg) increases moisture content to dry skin, for smooth and clear skin.


  1. Swiftlet nest extract: One of the world’s four greatest health foods. Edible - nest swiftlet nest is rich in vitamins and proteins, thus brightens skin tone, normalizes skin turnover cycle, and helps create collagen. By strengthening the skin, it becomes soft and skin troubles disappear
  2. Asiatic pennywort extract: Asiatic pennywort contains madecassic acid, which is in the spotlight in modern medicine as an ingredient which regenerates skin. It is known to have outstanding effects of wound treatment, blood circulation promotion, and wrinkle prevention
  3. Betaine: Betaine is an amino acid type moisturizer extracted from the roots of sugar beets, containing high levels of glycerin. It moisturizes and is widely used as a natural moisturizer for hair and skin. It makes skin supple and resilient
  4. Witch hazel extract: Witch hazel is a type of deciduous tree growing in the subtropical regions. The ingredients extracted from the leaves have sterilizing, disinfecting, and astringent effects, making it effective for treating acne or dermatitis, and high levels of tannin help tighten pores
  5. Green tea extract: Green tea contains high levels of vitamin A which makes skin cells healthy and lustrous, vitamin C which suppresses pigmentation to prevent the formation of freckles, and tocopherol, which suppresses aging by blocking oxidation of cell membranes. When applied to skin, it suppresses the growth of bacteria, and polyphenol in green tea help strong oxidation action, making it effective for pigmentation, and it also suppresses excessive sebum or sweat secretion. Also, bitter tasting ingredients effectively tighten pores, making it a very popular cosmetic ingredient
  6. Chamomile flower extract: Helps relieve skin and regenerate skin, and prevents external stimulation on skin for easy recovery from fatigue. It contains anti - inflammatory ingredients, making it effective for treating skin troubles
  7. Hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid exists between the mesh of collagen and elastin, and it is the high polymer has the capacity to absorb and store moisture 1,000 times its own weight. The content of hyaluronic acid drops with age. Hyaluronic acid combines with moisture to soften skin, and it makes skin smooth.


  1. After facial cleansing, apply toner and remove mask from packaging
  2. Set sheet according to the holes of eyes and mouth, and attach closely to skin
  3. Remove after 20 – 30 minutes and pat gently for absorption of any remaining essence.

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SNP Bird’s Nest Aqua Ampoule Facial Mask

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